KARACHI, Jun 16 (APP): Ahmed Abdullah Abbasi was among the top
ten players qualified for 3rd consecutive time for World Youth Scrabble Championship (WYSC).

The qualifying rounds for 2016 Final League were held at a local hotel on Sunday.

WYSC is scheduled to commence from August 27-29 at Lille city
in France.

Players qualified in WYSC Qualifiers 2016 Final League for the
World championship included Abbasi, Ali Rashid Khan, Shoaid Sanaullah, Syed Imaad Ali, Ahad Riaz, Hasan Binarshad, Hasham Hadi Khan, Muhammad Talha, Muddasir Javed Memon and Danial Iqbal.

Abbasi qualified two times earlier and played in WYSC and stood
second in WYSC, Vice President Pakistan Scrabble Association (PSA),
Tariq Pervaiz said this while speaking on the concluding session of
WYSC Qualifiers 2016 Final League.

Ali Rashid Khan, Hasan Binarshad and Hasham Hadi Khan qualified
2nd time for WYSC but earlier they could not win despite their
outstanding performance in the championship, he added.

Besides, three senior players are also participating in World
Senior Scrabble Championship (WSSC) commencing from August 31 to
September 04 in the France, he said adding among them Moiz Baig is
World Championship who won the World Championship in 2013.

Maria Ashraf is World Youth Champion in 2014 and there is huge
talent in Pakistan but we are facing visa issues, he said adding
during last year in 2015, three top ten players could not get
Australian Visa and because of this, we had to face defeat in the
championship despite we were 90 per cent sure to win.

Earlier, we did not get any financial support from any source
like governemnt or private or sponsorship, he said adding this time
Shangrilla Food has made commitment to sponsor the event.

The rounds of WYSC Qualifiers 2016 League were held earlier where
800 players participated and 40 players have been short-listed on
their performance basis so far, he said.

Now, top ten players have been selected from short-listed 40
players on two-day session held on Saturday and Sunday, he added.

The winner of WYSC would be awarded with $2000 while the winner of WSSC would get the award of $10,000, he added.

We are launching training camp for players who qualified for WYSC Qualifiers 2016 League from next week and it would continue till
players leave for France.