PESHAWAR, Dec 05 (APP):The 30th edition of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Snooker Championship entered into quarter-finals stages as Akash of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Imran, Aamir, Shah Khan took berth into the semi-finals on Tuesday.
In the first quarter-final top seed Akash of Azad Jammu and Kashmir recorded victory against Sarbaland of Peshawar by 4-3 in best of seven frames. The score was 72-33, 21-66, 76-18, 81-12, 34-55, 24-72 and 77-30.
Akash also recorded highest break of 55 in the first frame and 66 of the last frame of 77 points. In the second quarter-final Imran defeated Abdullah of Peshawar by 4-2, in the third quarter-final Aamir of Hazara defeated Aamir Goga of Haripur while in the last quarter-fianl Aamir of Hazara beat Owais of Hazara by 4-0.