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ISLAMABAD, June 20 (APP): The showbiz stars invited  strong public denunciation for smoking live on camera in  a cricket match between their two teams played at Moin Khan  Cricket Academy Ground Karachi.

Former cricketer Sarfraz Nawaz on Monday terming the act  as against the spirit of sports said it would give wrong messaage  to younger generations who idealise showbiz celeberties.

Sarfaz said the smoking is banned in England and some western countries at public places and play grounds were not meant to exhibit such practices at all.

Doctor Nasir Ali, a heart specialist at Pakistan Institute of  Medical Sciences, said games are to promote healthy activities and  actors’ this gesture live on TV must be discouraged to ensure public refrainement from smoking. “How a sportsman can afford to smoke when  he has to keep himself superfit to compete the tough opponents in  the field” he questioned.

A student of Islamaic University Tayyaba Aslam criticising the act  said it was contrary to the demonstration as the match was to be played to promote healthy culture.Those involved in the practice must apologize and promise to refrain from this practice in future, she demanded.

It is pertinent to mention here that a cricket match between the two
showbiz teams, Tehseen XI and Faisal Qureshi XI was being live telecast
on a sports channel on 19th June where some actors were shown smoking cigarette.