ISLAMABAD Sept 18 (APP): Large number of youth and common
citizens turned up to watch more than 40 short films screened on the
day one of the first Asia Peace Film Festival (APFF) on Monday along
with four panel discussions and the inauguration of an exhibition of
photographs on the theme of peace.
Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) with the support
of the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage
has organised the festival to support the common vision of Asia on
the situation of human rights and other challenges being faced by
the 60 per cent of the total global population.
The PNCA Director General Syed Jamal Shah said Cinema, both
narrative and documentary, was probably the most accessible and
effective vehicle for promoting social change in the world because
it could address important social and cultural issues while at the
same time entertaining people.
He said, it had the unique ability to reach mass audiences
that no other form of communication or art could match and was equipped
with powerful tools to engage people into a collective that,
informs, transforms and shapes the public mind.
He said, being a collaborative art form, cinema employs
acting, music, choreography, writing, photography geography and
architecture to create dramatic visual effects, synthetic dreams,
counterfeit emotions and preconceived spontaneity to tell stories.
It moves people emotionally and intellectually and appeals all
categories of intelligence. Cinema has proven itself to be the best
vehicle for the preservation of the cultural narratives of the land
and for highlighting people’s aspirations, dreams, struggles and