Famous TV actor Salim Nasir remembered

ISLAMABAD, Nov 15 (APP): Famous television actor Salim Nasir
was remembered on the occasion of the occasion of his birth
anniversary on Tuesday.
Salim Nasir was born November 15, 1944 in Nagpur, India.
Born to an educated family, Salim Nasir had all the ingredients
necessary to fulfill his ambition. He had a successful career in TV
and film.
Nasir made his professional cinematic debut in film called
`Zaib-un-Nisa `. He earned accolades for his acting skills in many
plays, especially Aakhri Chatan, Nishan-e-Haider, Un Kahi, Dastak
and Aangan Terha.
Salim Nasir was honored with Pakistan’s highest achievement
award in the field of acting,’The President’s Pride of Performance
Award’ presented to his family after his death.
At the age of 45 years, Nasir suffered a heart attack on 24
September 1989. On Thursday, October 19 he experienced signs of
extreme heart congestion around noon and breathed his last. He was
rushed to hospital but expired before any medical treatment could be