Respect for different faiths `bedrock’ of world peace, UNGA told


UNITED NATIONS, May 7 (APP): Mutual respect for different faiths and
cultures is the `bedrock’ of a world at peace and `prerequisite’ for achieving many of the goals to which humankind and the United Nations aspire, the General Assembly was told.

Opening the High-level Conversation on Religions for Peace,  Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft said that since its inception, the UN has worked for the betterment of humanity, by seeking to maintain international peace and security, promoting human rights and fostering sustainable development.

“Buttressing all of its efforts, however, has been the promotion of
understanding, tolerance, respect and dialogue between and among diverse cultures, civilizations, faiths and peoples,” he said, stressing that these are now prerequisites for achieving many of the goals that we as human beings and the United Nations aspire to today.