Reduction in POL prices widely hailed

ISLAMABAD, March 26 (APP):People from different walks of life on Thursday lauded the government decision to reduce the petroleum prices by Rs 15 per liter, hoping that it would help bring down the transportation cost of essential items, especially edibles, for benefit of the common man.

They said there was economic slowdown due to the coronavirus threat in the country and termed the reduction in petroleum prices a ‘timely relief’ for the common man.

After announcement of the relief package and subsequent notification of the Finance Ministry, the prices of Petrol, High Speed Diesel (HSD), Kerosene Oil and Light Diesel Oil (LDO) had been reduced by Rs 15
per liter.

Now, the petrol was being sold at Rs96.58, the HSD at Rs107.25, the Kerosene oil at Rs77.45 and the LDO at Rs62.51 per liter at all the fuel stations.

Zaheer Ahmed, who worked in a private sector bank in Islamabad, told APP that with the reduction of petroleum prices, he would now save around Rs 3,000 per month on account of fuel expenses being incurred to run a car for going to office daily.

He appreciated the government for passing on the benefit of reduced prices of petroleum products in international market to the common man. “I hope the petroleum prices will go further down in the coming days.”

He was of the view that prices of edibles would also decrease after considerable decline in transportation cost of the commodities.

Zahid Majeed, a motorist who lived in Media Town, said his family members were spending Rs 15,000 per month on children’s college travel expenses and hopefully “I will get relief of almost Rs 4,000 with the reduction of petrol price by Rs 15 per liter.”

Terming the petroleum prices reduction ‘big relief,’ he said it would help mitigate financial sufferings of the common to great extent, especially when the country was facing the threat of coronavirus. “Due to the virus, there is an economic slowdown in the country. The relief given in the petroleum price will benefit every citizen in one way or the other.”

Muhammad Tahir, a trader in Model Town Humak, said now there would be no excuse for any shopkeeper to sell commodities on higher rates as all food supply chains were intact and transportation cost had also come down.

He lauded the government for keeping a vigilant eye on the evolving situation and taking all possible measures without any delay to contain the spread of deadly virus.