PTV earns Rs11.561 bln, PBC Rs5.54 bln in 2018-19


ISLAMABAD, Dec 13 (APP):Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan Friday informed the National Assembly that Pakistan Television (PTV) earned Rs11.561 billion during the year 2018-19 while the total income of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) was Rs 5.54 billion.

Responding to a question of MNA Marriyum Aurangzeb during the question hour in the house, he said the PTV was running at a loss of Rs 2.5 billion in the previous years while it earned Rs350 million in the year 2018-2019.

In a written reply, the house was told that the PTV earned Rs3,101.621 million from advertising income while other income was: television fee Rs7,961.068 million, grant in aid from federal government for technical facility to Azad Kashmir television Rs 140.94 million, government grant for recurring expenditure of PTV Multan Rs126 million, recurring expenditure of PTV World Rs 99 million, income from PTV programme sales Rs15.91 million, commercial production Rs2.36 million, income from global television Rs11.305 million, sale of scrap and useless stores Rs1.57 million, sale of assets Rs0.85 million, sale of non fixed assets Rs1.45 million, interest on local deposits Rs8.32 million, interest on PTV loan to staff Rs1.04 million, agriculture income on land use Rs0.9 million, rental income from telecom companies Rs17.6 million, miscellaneous receipt Rs45.28 million, income from services to outside agencies Rs0.72 million, income from investment of contributory pension fund Rs10.286 million, income from investment in National Saving Schemes Rs4.84 million and income from investment in banks Rs0.15 million.

The total income from advertisement and miscellaneous sources earned by Radio Pakistan during the year 2018-19 included grant in aid from federal government Rs5249.786 million, advertisement income Rs 263.6 million and income from other sources Rs35.515 million.
The total expenditure by Pakistan television during the last financial year was Rs11211.027 million.

The expenditure incurred by the PTV during the last financial year with head wise break up include: production expenses Rs3347.547 million, operation and maintenance Rs614.191 million, staff salaries, benefits and other administrative expense Rs6958.846 million and depreciation expenses Rs290.443 million.

The total expenditure of Pakistan Radio during the financial year 2018-19 was Rs5,703.78 million.

The total head wise expenditure of Pakistan Radio in this year included pay and allowances Rs1860.27 million, pension and commutation Rs2405.442 million, election expenses Rs0.2 million, personnel expenses Rs647.459 million, travelling and conveyance Rs33.101 million, programme expenses Rs260.148 million, news expenses Rs41.6 million, administrative expenses Rs148.431 million, repair and maintenance Rs16.773 million, legal expenses Rs2.518 million, financial expenses Rs 0.653 million and power and fuel expenses Rs287.819 million.