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SIALKOT, July 15 (APP)::Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday claimed the PTI would defeat the corrupt mafia on July 25 and will bring true democracy besides strengthening national
He pledge that the PTI would bring about a new system of local bodies after coming to power which would make a new Pakistan.
He stated this while addressing a public meeting held at Jinnah Stadium here.
Imran claimed the people would vote for the PTI to defeat corrupt politicians. He added that only the PTI had capabilities to put the country on the path
to progress and prosperity.
He alleged that the PML-N government got registered 32 cases against him during the sit-in in Islamabad. “We staged sit-in to ensure free, fair and transparent general elections,” he added.
Imran pledge that the PTI would ensure overcome price hike in the country besides making all-out sincere efforts to provide the maximum relief to the masses. He added that now the time had come to purge the system from
corrupt politicians and their corruption as well.
Imran Khan criticised the PML-N leadership for ignoring South Punjab. “The PML-N had deliberately ignored South Punjab as half of the provincial budget was spent on Lahore only,” he said.
“Metro service was launched to get commission and kick-backs and send the money abroad. Shehbaz Sharif launched Multan metro bus which was not needed,” he said.
He claimed that the general election was the biggest election battle which the PTI would win on July 25.
The PTI chairman added that the masses would vote his party to ensure the rule of law, national development, prosperity and accountability of the corrupt people.
He claimed that the day of July 25 would dawn with a news of the victory of PTI in the general election.
He alleged that Nawaz Sharif had plundered Rs300 billion from national exchequer. Imran vowed to bring back single penny from corrupt elements and spend it on national development.
Imran Khan vowed to ensure the rule of law after winning general election, saying that the nation was now standing with the PTI.
He claimed that the PTI would form the next government in the country and it would be a regime of rule of the public as well.