Protesters in US call for closing migrant detention centers


NEW YORK, Jul 13 (APP):Thousands of demonstrators came out Saturday to hold candle light vigils across the United States in protest against rounding up of undocumented immigrants and demanding closure of detention centers for migrant children and families.

In New York City, activists staged a vigil, holding up placards and candles as they called for the closure of the detention camps.

American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour called the practice of imprisoning those seeking asylum as “modern day slavery” and segregation.

“It’s not enough, it’s not enough to end family separation. It’s not enough to reunite the children with their parents. It’s not enough even to say to close the camps. We have to abolish the oppressive systems that even thought they can put children camps on our watch,” Sarsour told a cheering crowd in New York City.