President calls for participation of educated youth in country’s socio-economic development


ISLAMABAD, Mar 19 (APP):President Dr Arif Alvi Tuesday urged the country’s educated youth to participate in the government’s efforts of achieving the goal of socio-economic progress and development and in the country.
“It is not the government alone which has to work towards the progress and development of country, but your participation is a must to achieve the goal of socio-economic development”, he told the graduating students while speaking at a convocation of Iqra University here at the Convention Centre.
The president said it was the duty of young graduates to serve the country and society, which contributed in their education. “Please do not forget the people of Pakistan, who brought you here”, he remarked.
He also highlighted and lauded the role of parents and teachers in the upbringing and grooming of youth so that they could play a positive role in the society after getting their education completed.
He said Pakistan by improving its standards of education could become a role model for other countries.
The president said since there was no dearth of education and knowledge in this digital era, there was a need to ensure the access of people to the modern resources of research and knowledge.
He, however, added that as there were no boundaries of education and knowledge in this modern internet era, the positive use of education, knowledge and research was also important for a society or country.
The president lauded the role of Iqra University in encouraging and promoting digital information and digital learning.
The president said with the country’s history filled up with various examples of morality, it were Pakistani people who despite having economic and other problems in their own country fulfilled their moral obligation and welcomed 3.5 million Afghan refugees from the war-torn neighbour.
“We are still hosting 2.5 million Afghan refugees which depict character and high moral standards of our nation”, he said and mentioned the attitude of some rich Western countries that hesitate to accept refugees beyond certain numbers.