President asks nation to fully support govt’s cleanliness drive


ISLAMABAD, Oct 11 (APP):President Dr Arif Alvi Thursday asked the nation to extend all out support to the government’s recently launched Clean and Green Pakistan drive as it was directly related to the public health.
In his video message to the nation, he called for a well-coordinated mechanism for disposal of garbage and said the cleanliness would help build healthy people and the society.
The president said Allah had directed the people to observe cleanliness. He said the incumbent government would spread the messages among the masses about the swelling pollution in the country.
He said according to Quran, Allah loved those who observe cleanliness and remained associated with Him. He said cleanliness was half the faith. He said spiritual, physical and societal purities were three aspects of the cleanlieness which were vital according to human nature, and health standards.
He said Allah had directed five-times ablution, washing hands and cleanliness even for the Arab society which had been facing water crisis as it was directly all about human health.
Mentioning the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s practice of washing hands before taking meal, the president said it had also been advised by medical science to prevent various diseases.
He said Allah also blessed us with rain to bring cleanliness which proved close link with water and purity in the society.
He said disposal of garbage in streets and markets begot pollution in the society which needed to be avoided besides advising the youngsters to do so.
He also called for avoiding the use of plastic bags. He said the people would remain healthy if we keep the society clean besides reducing the diseases