ISLAMABAD, Mar 20 (APP):President Dr Arif Alvi has advised the nation for maintaining proper dental cleanliness and care.

In a video message released on Wednesday on the World Oral Health Day, president urged people for taking great care of teeth to prevent from other diseases. He said dental carelessness could lead to many other diseases.

“Ninety percent (90%) of diseases are caused by lack of dental cleanliness,” he said adding that pyuria results in gums bleeding and dental cavities two major dental diseases. Both can be cured by regular tooth brushing, he added.

Terming sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as best model to be followed, the president said that it was Prophet’s (PBUH) routine to use ‘miswak’ during abolition, before sleeping at night and also before leaving to meet someone. He further said that Holy Prophet (PBUH) always disliked bad breath and has repeatedly stressed the ummah for keeping hygiene. Tooth brush is an improved form of ‘miswak’, he added.

The president maintained that by following sunnah and brushing teeth twice a day would not only prevent us from other disease, but also we can live through out our lives with our original teeth.