PPC’s safer charity campaigns, surveys countering extremism, intolerance narrative


LONDON, Nov 19 (APP):Pakistan Peace Collective (PPC) Chief Executive Officer Shabbir Anwar has said that his organization’s effective safer charity campaigns and surveys were bearing fruitful results in creating awareness among the public within the country and abroad in countering the narrative of extremism and intolerance, besides providing policy guidelines to the government and increasing resilience against the menace of extremism and terrorism from the society.

Shabbir Anwar, who is currently on visit to the United Kingdom along with his
young dedicated team stated this here at Pakistan High Commission London Monday
evening, and highlighted the initiatives of PPC launched for safer charity and creating awareness among the different section of society against the menace of extremism and terrorism from the country.

“PPC’s safer charity campaigns through public service messages and products on CT/CVE based counter-narrative titled like “Haq Haqdaar Taak”, “PurAzam Pakistan ” “Hamari Pehchan Pur Aman Pakistan”, the role of families against violent extremism, and against hate speeches launched through print, and electronic media and surveys had created awareness among the public within the country and abroad, besides increasing resilience against the menace of extremism and terrorism from the society”, he said.

He said the PPC is the research and communication project of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, which supports the government by providing policy guidelines in countering extremism and intolerance through research, advocacy and evidence-based strategic communication campaigns in the country.

He said the campaigns prime objective was to increase public sentiments against scourge of terrorism and extremism by documenting the tragedies, both direct and indirect faced by the civilians, people will be exposed to the true impact of homegrown militancy.

The PPC, he said was working closely with the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, relevant government and international organizations on developing media products and impart training to help eliminate extremism and violence from the society and promote peace and harmony.

Shabbir Anwar said the PPC had also produced documents about the impact of terrorism on the lives of ordinary citizens by highlighting the indiscriminate nature
of violence in society.

He said the PPC had developed media products on CT/CVE based counter-
narrative titled “Haq, Haqdaar Tak” and “PurAzm Pakistan”, which were successfully
launched by the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting through media campaigns at the national level against the scourge of extremism, violence, and terrorism from the society.

He said PPC’s campaign against violence and extremism has been acclaimed by the international community.

Highlighting the campaign safer the charity campaign “Haq Haqdar Tak” said
that its aim was to promote safer charity practices among the public by putting the
focus on public awareness of the dangers of inadvertently fundings charities that
sponsors homegrown extremism and terrorism in the country.

He said people in Pakistan donate about Rs562 billion annually in terms of charity so it was necessary to focus on the public for raising awareness that this charity fund should be donated to reputed and credible charity organization in the country.

He added that it was the focus of PPC that this charity funds in the country should not be donated to the controversial organizations funding militant groups who promote extremism and terrorism in the country.

Citing extremism and terrorism the biggest threat to the development and prosperity in the country said creating awareness about the safer charity campaign has played an important role in discouraging the extremists’ elements and blocking their funding from charity donations in the country.

The chief executive officer of PPC also urged the Pakistani diaspora to send their donation in Pakistan to credible charity organization who have no links with the militants and extremists groups in the country.

He said PPC has conducted a national survey of over 10,000 people across Pakistan in connection with creating awareness regarding safer charity.

He added that his organization has given voice to voiceless people of Pakistan and now, as a result, a new debate has been started against the extremists, terrorists
elements and those involved in hatred speeches in the country.

Stressing the role of families particularly parents in inculcating tolerance among their children and promoting vigilance to help neutralize extremist tendencies, he said the focus of the communication campaign was to educate them about the importance of being aware and vigilant about the interests their children and the company they keep.

He said despite threats, he and his team were determined to work for peace and campaign against the scourge of extremism for the prosperity of the country.

He said in collaboration with Ministry of Education the findings of their campaign and research would be shared with the educational institutions including universities in the country.

Pakistan Deputy High Commissioner to United Kingdom (UK) Muhammad Ayub in his remarks lauded the role of PPC under the leadership of Shabbir Anwar for promotion of safer charity campaigns and other public services campaigns for peace and prosperity in the country.

A large number of British Pakistani diaspora, academicians, councilors and Pakistani media participated in the event.