Poltical capital, stature of Nawaz far superior than that of opposition: Marriyum

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ISLAMABAD, Jan 1 (APP):The opposition parties by forming an alliance against Nawaz Sharif had accepted the fact that his political capital and stature was far superior than that of opposition, said the State Minister of Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb.
The minister while talking to private TV channels here Monday strongly denounced the speculations and rumours regarding Sharif’s visit to Saudi Arabia and categorically stated that no deal or NRO was in the offing.
The minister said the opposition had unleashed negative propaganda against the Sharif family, adding the speculations should not be taken to the extent where the malice and lies inherent in them became evident.
She said the attempts of the opposition to create a dispute had become quite visible, adding if Nawaz had to strike a deal he would have done it to save his chair when false allegations were leveled against him in the Panama case but he never did so.
The minister said Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had a deal with the people to serve them and he would persist with that. Marriyum said the spokesman of the Sharif family had also refuted the media reports and speculation about a deal as unfounded.
The minister observed that the opposition had done nothing positive during the last four years and they feared that when they would go to the people they would have nothing to tell them except for saying that they had tried to defame and spoil the reputation of Nawaz Sharif and his family.
She said the opposition had not shown sense of responsibility in any matter except for negative propaganda against Nawaz Sharif because it was scared of him.
Marriyum said Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had nothing to hide from the people. She said the former prime minister would take the people into confidence regarding his visit on his return if he thought it appropriate to do so.
The MOS said PML (N) was united under the stewardship Nawaz Sharif and all attempts and machinations to split the party had failed to materialize. She said the people would hold the proponents of politics of chaos and sit-ins accountable during 2018 elections as they were fully aware of the performance of PTI.
The minister said that the opposition could not do anything accept sit-ins and hurling fabricated allegations. She posed a question as to what happened to the pledge by Imran Khan to produce so much electricity which would be enough for the entire country?
She said the opposition was trying to erect obstacles for the PML (N). The minister claimed that bidding adieu to load shedding and tackling terrorism were the biggest achievements of the PML (N) government.
She said the government was not bothered by or scared of the negative propaganda of the opposition. Marriyum said Muslim League was more united and stronger than before.
Referring to the bonhomie between Qadri and Zardari, she said the statements of the former against the latter in 2013 were known to everybody.