FAISALABAD,Nov 23 (APP): Punjab Parliamentary and Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said that the first two phases of Local Bodies (LB) Elections 2015 were conducted fairly and transparently for which the credit goes to Punjab government.
Speaking to newsmen here on Monday, the Law Minister said that none of the political parties,not even the defeated candidates,raised any question about the impartiality or transparency of LB elections held in two phases so far in which the PML-N emerged as a leading party with the support of the voters.
He said that overwhelming support of the people during the first two phases of LB Elections 2015 also demonstrated the confidence of the people over the policies of the government.
He said there was no grouping in the PML-N. “Only one group exists
which is led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and despite differences at local level,all the groups have full faith and confidence on
the leadership of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif”.
He said after the third phase of LB Polls, everyone would see that the
top slots of the LB will be with PML-N nominees,and those who are hoping discord within the party folds will fail miserably,he said.