ISLAMABAD, Jul 17 (APP):Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) showcased “Panja Shikanja” a play satire in the form of a high value contemporary theater as part of its commitment to theaterical entertainment in Islamabad.
The play was written and directed by Director General PNCA who is also renowned actor and film Director Jamal Shah.
He said that it was an effort to bring the best talent of stage to federal capital.
“Panja Shikanja” was a symbolic play, portraying our society in a very interesting way. Panja Shikanja is a fable woven around our socio political culture. It is about a dream, a joke and bizarre consequences” he said.
It is about a cat, five innocent kittens, a critical rooster, a philosophic dog, a compulsive dreamer, the ruthless King and all his men and it is about the lust for eternal control. Panja Shikanja was a hilariously funny complemented by interesting music, dances, dramatic sets, innovative costumes and special effects.
The cast of the play was included on Jamal Shah, Nayma Butt, Ali Saleem, Babar Niazi, Yar Mohammmad, Sooraj Khan, Asif Shah, Waqar Azeem, Samreen Ali and Saeed Anwar.
A large number of people from twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi were present at PNCA auditorium. They highly applaused the play “Panja Shikanja “, saying that it was really interesting story with best performance.
Jamal Sha said that PNCA is in the process of building a ‘National Film Academy, adding that once the Academy is set up, the plan is to have income generation activities within it, in order to make PNCA self-sustaining.