PMYAP to launch ‘National Youth Pulse Portal’ for unemployed, certified skilled youth

ISLAMABAD, Nov 21 (APP):Prime Minister Youth Affairs Programme (PMYAP) has planned to launch ‘National Youth Pulse Portal’ a new project to provide employment opportunity to unemployed and certified skilled youth.

According to a PMYAP official, the Pulse Portal would develop a credible database of qualified and technically trained and certified young manpower so that requisite job opportunities at local and international levels could be made without any long and complex processes.

The database, he said would comprise of information of youth regarding their education, skills and work experience where these individuals would be adjusted according to their expertise.

PMYAP for the first time had devised an out of the box strategy to cater the 65 percent of the country’s total population mainly youth below the age of 35, he said, adding that after collecting information of the certified skilled young labour and experienced youth it would be incorporated and regulated as per their domain.

“There is no direction for the youth of the country to excel in their professional careers as most of the the people waste their abilities and skills in wrong fields of work that are contrary to their educational and professional background,” the PMYAP official said.

This portal would help youth provide a pathway to professionally trained youngsters to get right jobs and join the field according to their area of skills,” he added.

The strategies and work plans had been streamlined to start this initiative with a new idea and with a grassroots level approach to benefit the skilled and potential youth without any discrimination, he sai