PML-N says JIT report pack of lies, accuses Imran of being on Indian companies’ payroll

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ISLAMABAD, July 12 (APP): Once again declaring the

joint investigation team’s (JIT) report as a pack of lies,
PML-N leader Daniyal Aziz Wednesday returned fire on PTI
chief Imran Khan accusing him of getting monetary benefits
from Indian companies.
“Why to clamour on a report which has been declared
by the JIT as incomplete and inconclusive. Our opponents
should wait till Monday when we will postmortem this
report in the Supreme Court,” he said at a news
Daniyal Aziz cited some portions of the report as
an instance to support his argument and deny the
findings of JIT, and said when it would undergo the legal
process it would also be declared frivolous like Imran’s
He said the government had fulfilled its obligation
for mutual legal assistance but the companies abroad whom
the JIT had approached, gave nominal weight to the latter’s
Daniyal questioned as to why the report was left
inconclusive if the JIT had at all gathered the required
evidence. “Why is it an ongoing report and why was the 10th
volume sealed?”
He also mentioned some findings of the JIT about the
State Bank and the Gulf Steel and said it could not find
substantial evidence.
“The JIT tried to make a source report instead of
submitting its findings based on concrete evidence,” he
said, adding, “Which evidence this report carries. At
least Aitzaz Ahsan, Khursheed Shah and Jamat-e-Islami
leader should have read it properly.”
He said the JIT used beautiful words when it needed to
prove its calculations as right, but where it needed to draw
a conclusion, it left the matter ambiguous.
Daniyal said the JIT report left many questions
unanswered as it lacked verification of many facts
proving that “it was an inconclusive, engineered and
hollow report.”
“The JIT report has been basing on `Possibility One,
Possibility Two and Possibility Three.’ It spoiled
the nation’s money and time, leaving whole of the
nation in pang,” he added.
The PML-N leader said what to state about a
report which lacked essential evidence as it could not
even prove that Mayfair flats were owned by the Sharif
family even before 2006.
“The JIT report is just a trailer as the film has yet
to be screened and the people will start viewing it from
Even the documents received from Dubai were not
duly attested by the authorities concerned, so those
were not essential documents, he added.
He said the PML-N had categorically stated that the
prime minister neither owned any offshore company nor he
was a beneficiary of any such company.
“But, why Imran Khan is shying away from
submitting party funds details to the Election
Commission and money trail in the Supreme Court.”
“We know the national interest and have been
cooperating with JIT in national interest. But, why
nobody asks Imran Khan about wrapping up the Accountability
Commission in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” he said.
Daniyal also questioned as to why nobody was asking
that from where he (Imran) had been getting money. “But no
matter if nobody asks him, we are here to reveal.
“I say with authority that Imran Khan had been on
the payroll of Indian companies and received money from
He said Imran had been politicking during the last
four years by making corruption as his popular slogan
but failed to submit trail of the money received from
Jemaima for buying the Banigala property.
He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was a popular
national leader and could be won over with popular
vote not through the conspiracies and scripts. “We came
into power with the people’s support, not through an NRO
and will once again defeat those who are looking for
a back door to come into power.”
“You (Imran Khan) cannot come into power through
the JIT but by winning the masses support,” he stated.