PM urges Pakistanis to come out on Feb 5 in support of Kashmiris


ISLAMABAD, Jan 24 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday urged the Pakistanis, both at home and abroad, to come out on February 5 in support of the eight million Kashmiris, who had been besieged by 900,000 soldiers of India’s fascist Modi regime for almost six months.

“I want Pakistanis at home and abroad to come out on 5th February in support of the eight million Kashmiris, who have been besieged by 900k Indian soldiers for almost 6 months by the fascist racist Modi regime,” the prime minister said in a message on his Twitter.

The Government of Pakistan has also announced that it would launch a comprehensive campaign from January 25 encompassing rallies, seminars and exhibitions here and abroad to highlight the Kashmir dispute globally.

The government would run a media campaign in both print and electronic media to highlight the deteriorating human rights situation in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K).