Play Brecht’s “The Exception and the Rule” to be performed on Aug 29 at PNCA


ISLAMABAD, Aug 23 (APP):The 29 Production in collaboration with German Embassy in Islamabad and Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) would organize the performance of Brecht’s “The Exception and the Rule” on August 29.

The performance will be in Urdu with English subtitles. The Urdu performance was translated by Mansoor Saeed, directed by Asif Shah and Co-Directored by Akash Bukhari. The production Manager of the play is Faisal Maqsood.

The play tells the story of a rich merchant, who must cross the fictional Ya-hi Desert to close an oil deal.

During the trip the class differences between him and his working-class porter (or “coolie” as he is called in most English language editions) are shown. As he becomes increasingly afraid of the desert, the merchant’s brutality increases, and he feels terribly alone without police nearby to protect him.