“Plant for Pakistan campaign” above political considerations: Firdous


ISLAMABAD, Aug 23 (APP):Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting
Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Friday said that “Plant for Pakistan campaign” was above political considerations as it was a project for survival of Pakistan.

Addressing a function on the occasion of the launching of “Let us make Pakistan Green” campaign by Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, she said that the government after successfully countering political suffocation, was working to end environmental suffocation in the country and all stakeholders were supporting it.

She said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had transformed this slogan Green and Clean Pakistan into a movement.

She said that making right decisions at the right time was the responsibility of the government which it had fulfilled and the private sector had come forward and became its partner in this crusade.

She said that with every passing day quantity of oxygen was reducing and quantity of carbon dioxide was increasing in the air which was alarming.

When Islamabad was built it was supposed to be the environment friendly city but unfortunately due to cutting of trees it had lost much of its greenery.

She said that in the civilized world, the people love and care for trees like their children but in Pakistan, trees were felled mercilessly which tantamounted to collective suicide.

Dr Firdous said that presence of Mishaal Mallick in the seminar was the proof that Pakistan and Kashmir were one and the same nation.