People should vote PML-N for development projects: Shehbaz Sharif

LAHORE, May 06 (APP):President PML-N and Punjab Chief Minister
Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday said that people should
vote the PML-N for continuity of development projects.
He said:” Naizi and Zardari have only chanted hallow
slogans while we have worked hard by day and night for
progress of our people”.
He was talking to delegations of different elected members and
said that health culture was changing in Punjab as now
tests of government hospital were standard and done instantly
while high quality medicines were made available there.
The CM said that pathology labs were being set up at
26 DHQs under subjective system which would provide
facility of more than 43 free medical tests whose fee
would be paid by the Punjab government.
He said that Pathology Labs would be established in three
steps throughout the province and their set up would be
handed over to administration of the best foreign
Pathology Labs.
The CM said that renowned company of Japan HITACHI with its
personal system would provide facility of CT Scan Test at
District Hospitals where 24 hours CT Scan services would be
made available for patients. He assured that there won’t be any
excuse of absence of doctors and staff or out of order of CT
scan machines.
He said that those who were making slogans of South Punjab
today had done nothing in their tenure. “We have allocated 42
per cent of development budget for South Punjab which was a
matchless precedent in the history,” he added.