People demand to establish evening courts for speedy justice


ISLAMABAD, Jun 24 (APP):People demanded Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa to establish evening courts in all districts of the country along-with model courts for speedy dispensation of justice.

Reusing facilities during the evening not only saves a lot of resources but also inculcates a sense of utilizing the already available resources to improve the current situation.

Chuadhry Bilal Ahmad Mahaar, senior Advocate suggested that initially family court should be started at evening courts as the custody of family members and children had become a hectic procedure especially with the backlog of cases.

He said that a number of other cases were being pursued during the daytime proceedings where at occasions children were suffering a lot for not being heard in their guardianship cases on time.

Bilal said that “It is not advisable psychologically for the children to see police and handcuffed criminals when they visit courts to meet their parents and this practice should be shunned.”

Senior Advocate said that last year on November 10, former Chief Justice Lahore High Court, Muhammad Anwarul Haq had set up a first-ever “evening court” in Lahore to deal with the cases of minors’ custody especially in order to keep the children of separated parents away from traditional environment of courts.

The purpose of establishing evening court was also to accommodate school-going children and working parents and also to provide pleasant environment however due to lack of resources and some other reasons, the project could not be continued, he added.

Izhar ul Haq Babar, a litigant said that during the daytime, many family members were working and could not skip their duties to make space for court hearings.