Pakistani stall attracts participants at Peking University’s culture festival

BEIJING, Oct 20 (APP):Pakistani handicrafts, cuisine with iconic dishes displayed at the Pakistani stall and cultural performance by Pakistani students enthralled the Chinese and international audience at the international culture festival organized by Peking University, Beijing.

Pakistan Ambassador of China, Ms. Naghmana Hashmi visited the Pakistani stall and appreciated Pakistani students for representing our handicrafts and culture during the festival.

Ambassador Hashmi remarked that young Pakistani students studying in China were projecting soft image of the country by participating in the international cultural event.

“Our students are setting examples by securing top positions during their studies and showing talent in the cultural events,” she added.

She expressed the confidence that these students would become a valuable asset for the country in the future and also introduce a positive image of the country among the multicultural community.

This year marks the 16th International Culture Festival held by the Peking University with the theme of “A World without Borders | The Future is Now”.

This year’s festival featured various events focused on innovations in science and technology, technological progress and creating possibilities for a brighter future.

Within this framework, the festival included several new events such as PKU Geeklab Special Experiences which allowed students to interact with cutting-edge technology; the Youth Forum which discussed important issues facing youth; and Wonderful Dreams in the Garden, a fascinating art exhibition focused on the contrast between light and shadows.

The participants got a chance to “travel” through different countries, taste their food, took part in different workshops saw their national dances and listened to their songs.

The students organized workshops, presented iconic dishes of their respective countries and engaged the participants in entertaining activities.

The university organized other international events throughout the year including the Musical Academy Award 2019 that took place in July, and a series of activities that ran run through October such as the Geek Star Salons, International Student Chinese Speech Contest, Borges’s “Atlas” in Beijing, and the Sino-Nepalese Folk Art Exchange Exhibition.

The last event for the day, the Top 10 International Students Singing Competition took place in the evening.