Pakistan, Uzbekistan agree to enhance bilateral cooperation


ISLAMABAD, Dec 22 (APP): Pakistan and Uzbekistan Thursday agreed for enhancing bilateral cooperation in areas of mutual interests in order to promote trade and economic relations.
Decision to the effect was taken in a meeting between Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Ulugbek Rozikuloy and Minister for National Food Security and Research Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan.
According to a press release issued here, the powered delegation also accompanied the Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister who had a detailed meeting with their Pakistani counterparts.
A detailed discussion took place on areas of mutual interests including agriculture, agro machinery, processed food, dry fruits, fresh fruits, cotton, milk and its by-products and leather.
Memorandums of understanding on mutual corporation and collaboration in these sectors were agreed upon to be processed and signed between the two governments at the earliest.
Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan informed the Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister that the above mentioned areas were of utmost importance to Pakistan being an agro-based economy.
About 70 percent of Pakistan’s gross domestic product depended on the agricultural sector as 45 percent labor force of the country was absorbed by it, he added.
He also appreciated the exhibition regarding agricultural machinery of Uzbekistan.
The Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister informed about the annual international exhibitions organized in Uzbekistan on textile, agriculture and heavy machinery.
He also invited a team of experts of relevant fields to visit the exhibitions in order to further strengthen the ties in agriculture and relevant sectors between the two countries.