Pakistan to observe Solidarity Day with Kashmiris on Sunday


ISLAMABAD, Feb 2 (APP): Pakistan will observe solidarity day with Kashmiris on Sunday by organizing activities throughout the country and by Pakistan Missions and Diasporas of Kashmiris and Pakistanis abroad.
The spokesperson of the Foreign Office, Nafees Zakaria in weekly briefing said that 40 Kashmiris have been injured including 6 are in critical condition and 14 have been arrested arbitrarily with some under the lawless law Public Safety Act during the last 8 days in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).
Indian occupation forces have used pellets and PAVA (an in capacitant spray dispensed from a hand-held canister in a liquid stream and contains a 0.3 % solution of pelargonic acid vanillylamide), inflicting serious injuries.
Terming it a blatant violation of UN Security Council Resolutions on Kashmir dispute, he condemned the Indian drive of changing demography in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir through settlement of non-Kashmiris.
The domicile certificates are being issued by the IoK authorities on the instructions from the BJP Government at the centre, he alleged.
The drive is to convert Muslim majority in Kashmir into a minority, he added.
Other measures being perpetual ethnic cleansing, killings in fake encounters, arrests and disappearances and terrorizing of Kashmiris to force them to flee the occupied territories, he maintained.
Kashmiris have been protesting against the Indian sinister designs, he added.
Expressing solidarity with Kashmiris, Government of Pakistan called upon the UN, members of UN Security Council, and international community for immediate action to stop Indian drive and to take remedial measures to undo the violations already taken place.