Pakistan State of Future Index launched, next 10 years appear to be promising-report

PESHAWAR, Oct 22 (APP):The Pakistan
State of the Future Index (PK-SOFI), inaugural study was launched by the
Foresight Lab, a facilitative platform for communities of interest.
According to a press release issued here on
Sunday, Pakistan State of Future Index is a 10-year future index composed of 30
variables that indicate if the future is getting better or worse, it shows
30-year trends of improvement and decline.
Each variable is forecasted based on 20
years of past data which are then further assessed for the best possible and
worst possible values in 10 years.
Puruesh Chaudhary, Founder Foresight Lab
and Founding President AGAHI said,“with this national study, Pakistan leads the
region in futures research in public space, this is where this nation is
winning; the dominating trend in the inaugural report indicates that the growth
potential of the internet is significant,”.
This Index gradually builds confidence,
which can help the decision-makers draft policy frameworks where technology
could become the core element in ensuring the well-being of the people.
The State of Future Index was developed by
the Millennium Project as an effort to measure the changing state of the
future, this index shows whether the conditions, globally and nationally,
promise to get better or worse.
Dr. Shahid Mahmud co-Founder Foresight Lab
– CEO and Chairman Interactive Group of Companies highlighted that, PK-SOFI has
the potential of becoming a very useful tool for objectively evaluating the
direction Pakistan is heading.
This tool intelligently supports the
decision-making process of key stakeholders, in order to make informed
decisions and achieve optimal results.
Lab in collaboration with its partnering organizations and individuals came
together for the compilation of the 2017 inaugural report.
than a hundred Pakistanis participated in the Realtime Delphi Study; and over
20 academics provided their expert judgment on the variables selected.
study has been scaled between sentiment and sensitivity benchmarks. The
variables included in the study; these variables were further classified using
the STEEP technique which covered the Social, Technological, Economic,
Environmental and Political spheres.
PK-SOFI indicates some improvement of
future for the people of Pakistan. This Index was computed in consultation with
global futures professionals from the Millennium Project and in coordination
with local experts from the Academic community in which included more than 18
universities nationwide.
As a result of this development, Jerome C.
Glenn CEO and Co-Founder The Millennium Project said; PK-SOFI is now incorporated
in to Chapter 2 of the Millennium Project’s major publication State of Future 19.0; which brings together an extraordinary set of data,
information, intelligence and collective wisdom to the decision-makers, opinion
leaders, researchers, and analysts.
The State of the Future improves readers’
global foresight. More than 60 Millennium Project Nodes participate in
improving collective intelligence system on the future of the world.
The objectivfe of the
Lab is to create and foster an ecology of Foresight perspectives in Pakistan
and enable decision-makers to opt for appropriate policy choices and establish
strategic narrative in support.
AGAHI in collaboration with its local
partner Interactive E-Solutions is devising a customized model for computing
Pakistan’s futures discourse which will have the ability to track the expected
state of the future over time at National, Provincial and District levels.