Pakistan ready for 5G tech as govt taking steps for overall digitalisation regime: Ahsan l

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KARACHI, Dec 12 (APP):Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal Tuesday said Pakistan was ready for 5G technology as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government was taking wide ranging measures to pull country towards an overall digitalisation regime.

The government was committed to promote technology induced development across the country and it was in that very spirit that 5G technology would be readily available to the people soon, he said while addressing a seminar on “China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business Opportunities”.
The seminar was organized by the Federal Ministry of Planning and Development in collaboration with Dawn Group of Newspapers, which was addressed by professionals from different fields, including science and technology, business and media.
Mentioning that the present era was an era of knowledge and technology, the minister said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project was in accordance with the government’s vision of technology induced development.
He said the government through an efficient strategy had been able to overcome security problems and energy shortage and now the country was moving fast on its way towards progress and prosperity.
Ahsan said political stability and continuity of policies would soon turn Pakistan into a global hub of economic, financial and commercial activities.
He said CPEC was a massive project. Importance of the world class sea port in Gwadar for the region itself could not be ignored and as an integral component of CPEC it would help connect different regions and contribute towards
development in Asia as a whole, he added.
“The developments taking place in Asia and steady progress being made in the fields of technology in the countries of the region will definitely turn the continent as a major contributor to the global GDP (gross domestic product).
“This is not mere assumption that Asia will be contributing 52% of the world GDP by 2050,” he added.
The minister said keeping in view the developments taking place around the world as well as in the neighbouring countries, the PML-N government as a policy had launched series of infrastructure development schemes so as to raise the living standards of the people.
“Power generation projects coupled with improved communication and transportation schemes initiated during past four years are registered to be making the needed difference in the national economy as well as in the lives of the people,” he added.
Reiterating that “poverty alleviation” was among the top priorities of the government, he said a comprehensive scheme had also been chalked out to generate optimum employment opportunities for the people through adequate attention towards industrialization, service sector and agriculture growth on scientific lines.
“Youth, who constitute a major proportion of our population, are a blessing that ought to be adequately trained,” he said referring to the government efforts towards technology induced development in the country.
“This is all the more heartening to note that many of our talented youngsters are studying in reputable universities of China and also receiving training in the wide fields of science and technology,” he said.
Ahsan Iqbal said when the PML-N government assumed power in 2013 the economy was simply in a shambles and security situation was alarming. The situation had now changed, particularly in the context of Karachi, he added.
Former State Bank of Pakistan governor Dr Ishrat Hussain on the occasion said the Peoples Republic of China was an important country and its friendly ties with Pakistan provided opportunities for overall development in the region.
The opportunities, including what is available in form of CPEC, must not be allowed to go in waste, the senior economist stressed.
Taking exception to those creating doubts about CPEC, he said the project would help create development opportunities for the least developed parts of the country, besides helping Pakistan to emerge as a major international market with direct impact on the lives of its people.