Pakistan participates in conference on BRI, Euro-Asia Connectivity held in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, Oct 17 (APP):The two-day international conference on ‘BRI and Euro-Asia Connectivity: Perspectives and Prospects’ was held at the Fudan University here on Thursday.

Representatives of 21 countries from Asia and Europe including Pakistan participated in the Conference.

Director School of Politics and IR, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Prof Dr Nazir Hussain, represented Pakistan and gave his presentation on BRI, CPEC, and Intra-Regional Connectivity.

Dr Nazir highlighted the historical context of regional economic connectivity citing the example of Regional Cooperation Development (RCD) in 1964 by Pakistan, Iran and Turkey.

He also highlighted the importance of Pak-China relations by giving the example that Pakistan provided the opportunity for China to open to the world.

Likewise, the CPEC is the flagship project of BRI and Pakistan’s location at the juncture of Central Asia, South Asia and Central Asia provide a rare opportunity of intra regional connectivity.

The conference was inaugurated by Vice President of Fudan University, Prof Chen Zhimin, and Prof Su Changhe.