Pakistan Development Summit,Expo to be held on Aug 17


ISLAMABAD, Aug 10 (APP): Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms
is organizing the Pakistan’s Development Summit and Expo on August 17 to
celebrate Pakistan’s development journey it has embarked upon over the
last 70 years and the future plans in the light of Pakistan Vision 2025.
The conference will deliberate upon the policies responsible for
growth in agricultural, industrial and services sector.
The conference also aims to look at the reforms of the current
government of Pakistan to overcome the shortcomings of the previous policy
frameworks, particularly, the socioeconomic initiatives undertaken the Pakistan Vision
2025 to whom the recent economic resurgence can be attributed, sources in the
ministry said.
The objectives of the conference would be achieved by engaging
different stakeholder from academia, media, government and leading industry players.
The stakeholder engagement is proposed to initiate a development
discourse which stems from a positive outlook on the achievements of the
past and nourishes from the efficient and effective policy framework of
the present.
The resulting “Development Discourse” can rope in the development
journey of Pakistan making it inclusive and sustainable.
Such a discourse is also much needed to dispel the negativity and
atmosphere of despair which are a threat to the much needed stability required for
continuation of policies.
The proposed conference is structured in a way that it also serves as
a platform to initiate a dialogue where ideas, thoughts and questions are
expressed and tackled in an open environment to ensure a sustainable and
inclusive development process in the country.
Moreover, the 70 years of Pakistan Development Expo will present a visual journey
of decade-wise development timeline of key projects. Starting from 1947, the major
development projects of each decade will be presented.