Pak-UK interest are aligned, will work for promoting mutual security: British envoy

ISLAMABASD, May 25 (APP): British High Commissioner to
Islamabad Thomas Drew Wednesday said interests of the two countries were ‘aligned’ and he would be working to promote mutual security and help Pakistan unleash its economic potential.

The British envoy was talking to media at a reception hosted
by him at the High Commission and said it was his second posting here which was a fabulous place to serve as a diplomat.

“My job here is to make sure I use my privileged position here to good effect – for our mutual security, for regional stability, and to help promote the economic and political development of the country in a way which enhances the prosperity and well-being of both our countries. The most exciting part of my challenge is helping Pakistan unleash its potential,” he said.

He said after spending three months in Islamabad he was
“even more convinced” that Pakistan had a huge potential as
it had the young and growing population. ”

Drew said “what is good for Pakistan is good for the UK
and vice versa,” adding by working together both countries
could make the difference.

He said it was a mark of British commitment to have the
second largest mission in the world, adding “our bilateral
development programme here is our biggest anywhere in the world; and there is huge interest and support for the country at the highest levels of our government.”

“It is easy to forget that Pakistan is the 6th largest
country in the world. But there is also a lot to do to make
the most of that potential. And that is what we would like
to do. Because it is good for Pakistan. But because it is
good for us too,” said the envoy.

Emphasizing importance of the presence of a large Pakistani
Diaspora in the UK he said ” People to people links are important to all countries. But there really is something special about those between the UK and Pakistan. It is partly about our history. But now it is also about that more than 2% of the population of the UK are of Pakistani origin.”

Referring to election of a British Pakistan Sadiq Khan
who, became the first ever Mayor of London, he said nothing
demonstrated that better than new mayor of London.

The Muslim son of bus driver whose parents were born in
Karachi, “received more individual votes than any other Briton in the UK’s history. But he is joined by successful sportsmen and women, entertainers, journalist, businessmen and many more.

Building further on the links that bind us, will be another big
part of my job.”