Pak finished with wooden spoon in Australia hockey event


LAHORE, Nov 12 (APP):Pakistan hockey team ended with the wooden spoon in the 4-Nation International Festival of Hockey in Australia when Japan beat them 2-1 in a third place classification match at Melbourne’s State Netball Hockey Centre on Sunday.
Japan came from behind to hand over the green shirts their second defeat of the event, said the information made available here by the Pakistan Hockey Federation. In a pool match, Japan had also beaten the former world champions 3-1.
The match started at an electric pace with three shots on the goal within the first four minutes.
Japan had a penalty corner in the first minute thanks to skipper Mohammad Irfan’s mistake. Goal keeper Amjad dived to his right to block the low hard flick.
Atiq Arshad after receiving a ball on the left side of the circle
shot straight at the Japanese net minder on the near post.
Next, another Pakistani defensive lapse led to an easy chance at the top of the striking zone but Yamada inexplicably shot it over the bar.
Next chance came to Pakistan in the 13th minute and they went ahead.
A crash ball from right reached Ajaz on the far side of the circle
and he fired it in the small gap between the goal keeper and the near
Pakistan’s joy was short lived. Very next minute, Brilliant Tanaka,
who had a brace in Japan’s 3-1 win over the same rivals in the league stage, equalised with one of the goals of this festival.
After covering good ground, he beautifully side stepped M Irfan to enter the circle and with a back hander found the top left corner of the goal.
Japan had another open play opportunity as well as a PC but it stood 1-1 after the first quarter.
Fast pole-to-pole game continued in the next 15 minutes with both the sides enjoying periods of ascendancy. Japan had more opportunities but the scoreline remained intact. It was 1-1 at half time.
In the third quarter, Pakistan had three good chances to score. Bhutta fumbled twice at the top of the circle. Shajeeh’s attempt hit the side netting.
Again, the Japanese held the upper hand. Apart from open play opportunities, they had four penalty corners including three in a row but Amjad continued with his wonderful display under the bar in this tournament.
It was all to play for in the last period.
Finally a penalty corner arrived for Pakistan; first in two game against Japan.
The ball rebounded thrice off the custodian’s pads, and they had their second PC.
This time the attempt off the rebound hit the side netting.
To find the winner, Pakistani captain Mohammad Irfan threw himself up in the attack, and he was instrumental in a couple of circle penetrations. But the team was made to pay for his adventure.
With just three minutes left, Murata got all the time at the right edge of the circle. He sounded the far side of the board with a well placed hit.
Pakistan got a golden chance to put it even via their third PC. But Irfan’s flick was declared dangerous as it hit the body of the rusher. It was a well deserved win for Japan.
Pakistan: Ajaz Ahmed (13′)
Japan: Kenta Tanaka (14′) and Kazuma Murata (57′)
Pakistan lost it all four matches of the event. They were beaten by Australia in the opening match, followed by defeats to Japan and New Zealand and then to Japan in third place match.