Pak-China people share weal and woe: Cheng Xizhong


BEIJING, Feb. 28 (APP):The all-weather friendship and relations between China and Pakistan have become an example for promoting constructive community with a shared future for all mankind, Cheng Xizhong, renowned Chinese scholar and a visiting professor at China’s Southwest University of Political Science and Law said on Friday.

As China is fighting the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19), Pakistan on the other hand is fighting the locust disaster. Despite the fight against locusts, Pakistan is doing its best to provide help to China.

Similarly despite the fight against the epidemic, China sent unmanned drones and dispatched its working group composed of leading experts to join the battle against locust disaster in Pakistan, according to his article published by China Economic Net.

The Chinese government and Chinese people sincerely appreciate Pakistan’s selfless support in China’s battle against the epidemic. Here, I would like to quote the words of Prime Minister Imran Khan, where he said that the epidemic has not spread on a large scale only because of China’s effective prevention and control and no other country can do better than China.

He said, in the context of economic globalization, the flow of people, logistics and information is getting faster every day. The interdependent and complex international economic activity chain may directly affect other countries due to natural disasters in a country with economic globalization and great influence. If a drought or flood in a big agricultural country leads to a bad grain harvest, it will directly cause a large fluctuation in the price of the international grain market.

In addition, major cross-border natural disasters are very likely to cause refugees to disperse, and also cause infectious diseases such as cholera and malaria, causing a series of stability and security problems for neighboring countries. Therefore, in recent years, the frequent occurrence of major natural disasters and their impacts in the world has attracted great attention of the international community. The internationalization of emergency response and rescue of major natural disasters has become an important trend of international cooperation.

Professor Cheng said, in recent years, many countries experienced major natural disasters, which have brought great suffering and trauma for the people of those countries. In the face of natural disasters, countries are working together to overcome the difficulties. The frequent occurrence of natural disasters also urge all the countries to improve disaster relief cooperation and accelerate the construction of disaster relief coordination mechanism.

Major natural disasters are common threats to human beings. To strengthen international cooperation in disaster relief and fight natural disasters together is an inevitable requirement for the development of human security and harmonious coexistence. After every major natural disaster, various international rescue operations have shown great strength.

It is the key for all countries to work together to fight natural disasters and form relevant cooperation mechanisms. Countries around the world should further accelerate cooperation to meet the challenges from various aspects such as disaster prevention, disaster risk management, information sharing, and social cooperation.

China’s fight against COVID-19 is not a fight in isolation. The international community has given us valuable spiritual support and material assistance. The friendship between the people of other countries and the Chinese people has been sublimated in the common fight against the epidemic.

Mankind is a community with a shared future. Virus and locust are common enemies of mankind, and the unity and cooperation of the international community is the most powerful weapon to overcome, he concluded.