Pak Army’s soldiers sacrificed lives for ensuring peace in world: Governor

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KARACHI, Sept 21 (APP): Sindh Governor Mohammed Zubair Thursday said that the soldiers of Pakistan Army laid down their lives to ensure peace across the world.
He said that international community must recognise the role of Pakistan against terrorism.
He said this whilst addressing a ceremony on the occasion of
“International Day for Peace” held at Governor House, said a statement issued here.
Zubair said that for ensuring peace in the world no other country has sacrificed than Pakistan.
MPA-Sindh Mehtab Akbar Rashidi, Chinese and American Consul Generals and other distinguished personalities attended the ceremony.
The Governor said that Pakistan has always played an important role in front lines to ensure peace which is appreciated by the world but there is the need to further praise the services of Pakistan to this effect.
He said that international community must review the travel advisory pertaining to Pakistan as its real picture can be shown to the world.
He further said that Pakistan started operations Zarb-e-Azb and Radul Fasad to restore peace. Adding that law and order situation in Karachi before 2013 was not satisfactory and an operation was started and today peace has returned to Karachi.