Only audience can help improve theatre environment: Iftikhar Thakur

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By Jehangir Khan Tareen

MULTAN, Sept 11 (APP)::None other than audience itself can be an
agent of change for creating congenial environment to bring the
estranged families back to theatres for watching decent dramas.
Acclaimed comedian, Iftikhar Thakur, stated this in an interview
with APP, here on Tuesday.
He lamented that theatre goers did not intervene when an actor
uses indecent or objectionable language during the drama rather
cheer them. If they object to such remarks and act, the drama would automatically be converted into a presentation worth watching for families.
The drama and film environment was spoiled when censorship was
made quite lenient during the period of former president Gen (retd)
Pervaz Musharraf, the actor claimed.
He said that when theatre was excluded from the ambit of
Pakistan Arts Council and was given under the authority of the Home
Department and the DCOs.
Thakur said that TV and social media have forced people to stay
indoors and they did not like to go out for recreation.
To a question, the comedian replied that Charlie Chaplin was alive
even after his death due to his outstanding performance. He said great Pakistani comedian
Munawwar Zarif was Asian Charlie Chaplin, whose
comedy was unparalleled.
He said that Lehari Sahib had many dimensions of comedy even before invention of 3D, adding that he was a guiding star for new Pakistani comedians.
Munawwar Zarif, Rengeela, Nanna, Ali Ejaz and others did comedy
with their body language and expressions, he remarked and added that today’s comedians had spot faces who only use their tongue and words
for entertaining the audience.
To another question, he said that artistes had shifted to current affairs TV programmes because at TV, they get better environment and timely payment compared with theatres.
Renowned broadcaster, Nizam Din Sahib was the founder of the
trend while legendary actor Sohail Ahmad brought it to television.
Thakur said that artistes were participating in fund raising for construction of dams, suggesting that if the FBR would bring more Pakistanis into the tax net, it would be easier to collect funds
for the national cause.
If investor of Karachi and technicians of Lahore join hands,
Pakistan film industry might progress in days, Thakur believes.
To another question, Iftikhar Thakur said that legendary directors
like Nazarul Islam and Riaz Shah and many others were educated who
left the industry when uneducated assistants became directors of
Pakistani films. It was one of the main reasons of industry’s
downfall, he added.
He said that even Indian showbiz people have learnt a lot from Pakistani actors.