Nomad Art Gallery to open Amn cafe, a wide collection of art



ISLAMABAD, Jul 10 (APP):Nomad Art Gallery will open “the Amn Café” a wide collection of art at the Farm in federal capital during first week of August.
Nageen Hyat, a Founder Director Nomad Gallery said that the gallery offered a wide collection of art by community based to senior artists of the country.
He said that the crafts section stocks ‘ the Best of Pakistan ‘ – handmade crafts and gifts for the discerning eye.
The Nomad Gallery has worked with more than 150 partners and is now seeking to further expand its activities and opening up to further collaborations, Nageen Hayat added.
She said that Nomad was not just an art gallery; but a training centre with a unique eatery called “Aman Café” and a lively ambiance.