Nausheen Hamid hails Chinese medical experts for helping Pakistan against coronavirus

ISLAMABAD, Mar 30 (APP):Parliamentary Secretary, National Health Services Regulations and Coordination Nausheen Hamid Monday lauded China for its fight against the disease, and thanked China for providing support and assistance to Pakistan in such a difficult time.

Talking to private news channel , she said Pakistan wanted to exchange experience to prevent and contain the virus in Pakistan.

She said Chinese experts were exchanging ideas on improving the protective awareness of the public and medical staff.

China has once again proved that it was a time tested friend of Pakistan, she admired, adding, China has the first-hand experience of dealing with Corona virus pandemic and overcame the Covid-19 challenge successfully.

China was assisting Pakistan by providing diagnostic kits and protective equipment for our front line workers, she mentioned.

She said a team of doctors has also been sent by Chinese government to train our doctors to deal with Covid-19 affected patients.

There are 14 laboratories in Pakistan to test Corona virus patients, she highlighted.

The number would be increased up to fifty all over Pakistan in coming weeks, she adds.

She said all precautionary measures must be observed before blood transition and surgical equipment should be cleaned properly before and after use.