APP23-09 LAHORE: December 09 – Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique talking to media after inauguration of a furniture showroom. APP

LAHORE, Dec 09 (APP)::Pakistan Railways Minister Khawaja Saad
Rafique Saturday alleged that PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and PTI
chairman Imran Khan are damaging democratic system by crossing
Talking to media after inaugurating a private showroom at
Cavalry Ground here, he said that both politicians
were competing each other in using dirty language against
their opponents.
He said that prosperity comes with struggle and virtues
instead of crime, adding that nothing was happened in hurry
and one had to wait for progress.
He said that the PML-N was the largest party of the
country, adding that PPP and PTI tried well to damage it but
both the parties would failed in their designs.
“Some of our opponents can join hands even with the
“Satan” against us ,” he added.
The minister said that once upon a time politics was
practiced on pro and anti-Bhutto and now it was being
practiced on pro-Nawaz and Anti-Nawaz.
He said that all institutions should work within the
limits of constitution, adding that four times martial law was
imposed in the past.
“We have paid price for democracy and still we are paying
price for it,” he added.
“We have not stepped back from our demand of rule of
constitution in the country,” he said.
He said it was his pray that may the general elections be
held on time.
“No one can object on political alliances but objection
is raised when politics is practiced on the name of religion,”
he stated.
The minister said that criticism was right of a
politician if he did not tell a lie.
He said that Zardari was a clever and intelligent person
and he (Zardari) had his own problems like some weak-points,
financial dishonesties and others.
“Zardari’s politics has been destroyed as now his party
has come down from millions to thousands and it has become a
party of interior Sindh,” he added.
Saad said that PPP’s public gathering at Islamabad was
good and advised the PPP to organize more such gatherings as
it would be beneficial for the PML-N.
He said that there were some political characters in the
country and some were non-political robots like Chaudhary
brothers while a Karachi based political party was also
present which was operated by others.
“It was better for Tahirul Qadri to make his decisions
by his own and now it is better to let the courts to decide
about the Model Town case,” he said.
The minister added that courts had given verdicts in
favour and against the governments in the past.
To a question about formation of new constituencies, he
said that elections could be delayed if law making was not be
completed on new constituencies and nothing could be said how
long it would be delayed for.

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