Youth asked to set up digital connection with Kashmiris in IOK

ISLAMABAD, Sep 30 (APP): President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Masood Khan on Friday urged the Pakistani youth to connect with Kashmir youth in Indian occupied Kashmir through the digital means.

HE was addressing the 7th National Youth Peace Festival 2016 organized by Young Parliamentarian Forum (YPF), Chanan Development Association and Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) in collaboration with APP.

The AJK President said that by becoming active on the internet, Pakistani youth would be strengthening Kashmir cause.

He said that it was responsibility of the Pakistani nation to counter Indian propaganda of Kashmir being its integral part and the youth can do this job on the social media.

He said every day plebiscite was being held on the roads and streets of the occupied Kashmir as they raise slogans of “go India go back”.

The AJK President said that Kashmir struggle was indigenous as the Kashmiris from one end of the valley to the other end come daily on the roads and protest against the tyrannical Indian occupation.

He said that Kashmir dispute was not an issue of Kashmiris, primarily it was issue of Pakistan as it was part of unfinished agenda of the partition of the sub-continent and United Nations had recognized Islamabad as party to the dispute.

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He said that there should not be any doubts in the minds of the Pakistani youth otherwise their advocacy of the Kashmir case would suffer.

“Now there is competition of the narratives and wars are fought on the cyber space,” but our narrative is not properly presented before the world.

He said that pebbles and stones were the weapons of the Kashmiri youth protesting against the Indian occupation, but another weapon in their hands was their cursor, computer laptop.

He said Burhan Muzaffar Wani was not a terrorist but a martyr of freedom struggle duly recognized by the entire world through the United Nations resolutions.

Masood Khan said that Pakistani youth were free but youth in occupied Kashmir were literally imprisoned in a vast jail under control of Indian forces.

He said that most the member states of the UN fought wars of independence against colonial masters involving armed means as well, but due to expediency, double standards now they were silent when India terms Kashmiris peaceful genuine freedom struggle as terrorism.

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About the issue of terrorism, he said that broad spectrum policy was needed to overcome this challenge.

He said a broader approach and harmonious society was needed to defeat the nefarious designs of the terrorists.

Speaker AJK Legislative Assembly Shah Ghulam Qadir said that India did not accept Pakistan as a state and started conspiring against it since 1947.

He said Kashmir was a political issue and should be resolved politically.

He said that Pakistan’s survival depended on Kashmir so it should form its policies keeping in mind this fact.

He said in the Intifada launched after the martyrdom of Wani, not a single Indian soldier had been killed by firing, so it could not say that the movement was Pakistan-sponsored.

At the end, Youth Icon Award was given to Maria Ahmed of Lyari who has been working for imparting eduction to girls in Lyari, Karachi.