Yaum-e-Ashur observed with religious solemnity in South Punjab

APP35-21 MULTAN: September 21 - A large number of mourners attending the procession of "Ustad and Shagird" Tazia , on 10th Muharramul , the month of mourning for the death of Imam Hussein (RA), the grandson of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the Battle of Karbala in 680CE, almost 50 years after the death of the Prophet. APP photo by Sohail Khalid

MULTAN, Sept 21 (APP)::Yaum-e-Ashur was observed with
religious solemnity and reverence in South Punjab amid
tight security on Friday.
The law and order situation remained peaceful in the region
while security was put on high alert by the district
administration in Multan as 4,000 policemen and 4,000
national volunteers were deployed to maintain law and
order in the district.
About 470 mourning processions and 1,608 Majalis were
held in different areas of the district during the first
10 days of Muharram.
The processions of famous Tazias, including Ustad Wala,
Shagird Wala, Ramzan Wala, Bakhu Khan, Bhedi Potraan, Kamtar
Wala, Gilani Wala, Lodhi Wala, Saleem Uddin Wala, Khulasi Line,
Rashid Wala and Ahmad Bakhash Wala, were taken out which concluded
at Darbar Pak Mai. Similarly, 36 other Tazia processions
were also taken out which ended at Karbala Shah Shamas.
The mourning and Zuljanah processions were taken out from
Astana Lal Shah Mashhadi, Nasarabad (JHIK) Imambargah Jawwadia,
Haveli Mureed Shah, Suraj Miani (Imambargah Sher Shah),
Hussainabad (Daulat Gate), Astana Koray Shah, Imambargah
Azeem Shah (Thalla Sadat), Lal Kurti (Kashan-e-Shabbir),
Hussain Agahi, Imambargah Heera Hyderi, Imambargah
Hussainia (Sutriwat) and other Imambargahs of Multan which
joined the main procession and concluded at Darbar Hazrat
Shah Shams Sabazwari in the evening.
Meanwhile, the Rescue 1122, health department and civil defence volunteers set up special camps in various parts of the city
where quick first aid was provided to mourners.
The Mepco, Wasa and other departments also set up their
camps to provide their services.
The law enforcing agencies and police sealed Multan City
and Cantonment areas while top security officials also visited
areas. The sources said 97 close circuit cameras were installed
on procession routes and police sealed all roads leading to
the main procession route.
The entry of all vehicles had been banned in sensitive areas
and parking stands were set up at a considerable distance.
Similarly, special pickets were set up by police in
different parts of the city.
Earlier, Deputy Commissioner Mudassar Riaz Malik set up a
control-room at his office to view security arrangements.
Provincial Minister Dr Akhtar Malik, MNA Zain Qureshi,
MPAs Sabeen Gull, Haji Javed Akhtar, Nadeem Qureshi, Zaheeruddin
Alaizai, Mazhar Abbas Raan and members of the Peace
Committee visited the control-room.