World silence over destruction, desecration of century-old shrine regrettable: Mushaal

ISLAMABAD, May 11 (APP): Mushaal Hussein Mullick, wife of illegally detained Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Yasin Malik, on Wednesday lamented that despite lapse of over 27 years, the criminals involved in the destruction and desecration of the of centuries’ old shrine of famous religious scholar, Sheikh Noorud Din Wali (RA) at Charar-e-Sharif in Budgam remained unpunished.

Mushaal, who is also Chairperson of the Peace and Culture Organization, in her message on the 27th anniversary of demolition and desecration of Noorud Din’s shrine, said that May 10 reminded the painful story of desecration and destruction of centuries’ old shrine at the hands of Indian occupation troops, 27 years ago on May 10, 1995.

The Hurriyat leader said that Charar-e-Sharief complex included a historic mosque and hundreds of residential houses were destroyed by Indian troops during a military siege operation that continued for 66 days.

The chairperson said that the brutal and inhuman occupation forces put on fire most of the town of Charar-e-Sharief including around 1,000 houses and 200 shops and changed the locality completely.

However, she said that the world powers and so-called human activists remained tight-lipped because the victims were Muslims, adding that the international community should have to shun this duplicity to make the world a better and safe place to live and have to take incriminate actions against aggressors irrespective of their belief, religion and cast.

Sheikh Noorudin, the 14th century Sufi poet who translated the Holy Quran into Kashmiri.

Mushaal lamented that the Indian occupation forces desecrated over 130 religious places including mosques, shrines and dargahs in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) hitherto but not a single criminal was taken to task.

She revealed that the Indian occupation authorities were doing all these acts under its notorious and nefarious plan to erase golden history of the Muslim from the occupied region.

However, Mushaal vowed that the supremacist Hindutva region could destroy mosques, shrines and houses of the Muslims but all such inhuman acts would prove counter-productive and these would further strengthen the belief and resolve of Kashmiri people to break the shackles of Indian subjugation.

On the occasion, the Hurriyat leader urged the world powers, human right organizations and UN bodies to make the officials involved in the tragic and unfortunate incident to an example because the inaction further emboldened Indian government and its soldiers who were carrying out such activities with complete impunity.