ISLAMABAD, Feb 3 (APP):Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Sunday said the situation in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) was grave which warranted the world to take notice of the worst kind of human rights violations by the occupation forces.
Talking to media persons after his arrival in London, the foreign minister regretted the silence of the world over unabated incidents of torture and aggression, indiscriminate use of pellet guns by the Indian forces and rape and killing spree of the innocent Kashmiris in the IoK.
He said during the visit of Indian Premier Modi to IoK, there was complete shutter down strike in Srinagar.

The Kashmiris were expressing their resentment and had taken practical steps, he said, expressing his wonder over the oppressive measures taken in the world’s highly militarized area in the wake of Modi’s visit.
Whether such grave human rights violations were allowed in any civilized society of the world, the minister posed a question and urged India to realize the seriousness of the situation in IoK.
The foreign minister has arrived London to attend events in connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day.
The minister questioned why India clamped down upon social and print media and disrupted the internet! It was a kind of media gag in IoK, he said and invited world media to highlight the situation.
He said certain incidents often made headlines in the international media, but in the IoK, on daily basis, grave human rights violations were being committed by the Indian occupation forces.
On the other hand, he urged the global media to also visit Azad Kashmir.
To a query, he replied that there was complete national consensus on the Kashmir issue.
He said the conference in the United Kingdom (UK) would deliberate upon the Kashmir situation where he would reiterate Pakistan’s stance.
Qureshi said the UK Parliament and the UN rights body had also launched their reports over the gross human rights violations in the IoK.