Women’s role imperative for sustainable development: Mushaal


ISLAMABAD, Nov 21 (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Human Rights and Women Empowerment Mushaal Hussein Mullick on Tuesday highlighted the crucial role of women in driving sustainable development. She emphasized that women are not just beneficiaries but pivotal agents of change in this trajectory.

Addressing as a keynote speaker at the 26th Sustainable Development Conference (SDC) organized by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, she said that investment in education and the empowerment of women is pivotal for the sustainable development of communities and nations, said a press release.

She stated that such empowerment acts as a catalyst for economic growth, societal advancement, and environmental sustainability. “No society can genuinely progress if it sidelines its women,” she asserted during the conference.

The SAPM said that women’s empowerment is not merely an option but an absolute necessity for societal advancement. “As we look towards the future, fostering partnerships becomes the cornerstone of our efforts,” she added.

Mushaal further asserted that partnerships that transcend borders, ideologies, and sectors are the driving force behind sustainable development. She emphasized the need for governments, non-profits, businesses, and individuals to join forces, pooling resources and expertise to address the multifaceted challenges obstructing progress.

Mushaal also said, “When we specifically talk about women’s rights, these partnerships become even more critical. It’s not just about giving women a seat at the table; it’s about ensuring they have an equal voice, equal opportunities, and equal representation.  It’s about dismantling the barriers that have held back generations and stifled the potential of half of humanity.”

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