Whole Pakistan strongpoint of PML-N: Shehbaz

APP47-04 LAHORE: October 04 – Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif addressing during PML-N Workers Convention at Al-Hamra Hall. APP

LAHORE, Oct 4 (APP): Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad
Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday said Pakistan Muslim League-N
had achieved historic success in NA-120 by-polls and
congratulated to Begum Kalsoom Nawaz from the core of
his heart.
He expressed these views while addressing the workers’
convention of the PML-N here at Alhamra Hall. PML-N President
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, federal as well as provincial ministers,
members of national and provincial assembly along with a large
number of party workers, attended the convention.
Despite difficult circumstances, he said, PML-N had
proved, by getting success through a margin of 15,000 votes,
that not only this constituency or the city alone, but the
whole of Pakistan was the strongpoint of the PML-N and
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. “The whole Pakistan was eying the
by-election of NA-120”, he said and added that due to
blessings of Almighty Allah, the PML-N got marvelous
success. “Those people who said that the PML-N had got
success with only 15,000 votes in this constituency should
understand that with the grace of Almighty Allah, everything
would be crystal clear in the general elections of 2018,”
he added.
Shehbaz Sharif said before the PML-N came into power,
the duration of load-shedding was sprung to 18 hours a day
and today, the load-shedding had come to an end under the
leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. It was Muhammad Nawaz
Sharif who had overcome the load-shedding.
“Not only load-shedding is ended but electricity is
also available everywhere including in trade centers, schools,
hospitals and the places of trade and agriculture. The people
are getting cheap electricity and they have been provided
relief in the real sense,” he added.
He said it was Nawaz Sharif who got arranged electricity
which had brightened your houses, bazaars and streets. On the
other side, keep Nandipur and Rental power projects in your
minds and realized that how the past rulers picked pockets
of the Rs 200 million people through these projects.
He said the nation was desirous to know from Khan Sahib
that how much megawatt electricity he had produced in the KPK.
He said, when dengue attacked Lahore, then Khan Sahib termed
them `Dengue Brothers,’ but when the epidemic spread in
Peshawar, then he escaped to the mountains. He escaped to the
mountains because dengue could not attack him there. How such
a leader can run Pakistan who is escaped to mountains due to
the fear of dengue, Shehbaz said and added the people would
have to decide about it in the 2018 elections.
The chief minister said, 13 healthcare centers were
being established in every constituency of the provincial
metropolis. Meanwhile, he said, solid steps were being taken
to promote sports activities and for that purpose, state-of-
the-art gymnasiums were being constructed as well.
He also asked to pray for early recovery and long life
of his sister-in-law Begum Kalsoom Nawaz.