Wasi Shah assumes charge of Chairman PTDC

Wasi Shah assumes charge of Chairman PTDC

ISLAMABAD, Aug 22 (APP): Wasi Shah the recently appointed Minister of State for Tourism assumed the charge of Chairman Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) here on Tuesday.

On his maiden visit to the PTDC Head Office, he was greeted by the Managing Director of PTDC, Aftab ur Rehman Rana and gave a comprehensive briefing on the functions, operations, and role of the corporations a national tourism organisation.

The minister appreciated the efforts of the PTDC team for the promotion of tourism and developing effective coordination with provincial tourism departments and the private sector within their limited resources.

He also articulated that tourism fundamentally revolves around the presentation of our cultural richness and national heritage.

He additionally affirmed his commitment to fully leverage his capabilities in order to enhance the tourism sector of Pakistan.

In his capacity as Minister of State on Tourism and Chairman of PTDC, he also conveyed his deep condolences and apprehensions regarding the unfortunate demise of Mohammed Hassan, a 27-year-old porter from Pakistan.

Hassan lost his life due to an unfortunate slip and fall along a precarious trail in the treacherous stretch of K2, commonly referred to as the bottleneck.

The State Minister conveyed his intention to visit Mohammed Hassan’s family and extend support to his family in their time of need. He also proposed to initiate a special training program for high-altitude porters to promote work safety among them.

He further added that as part of the interim government, we are here to deal with the day-to-day affairs of the interim government.

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