Wani seeks independent probe into mass rape incidents in occupied Kashmir

Wani seeks independent probe into mass rape incidents in occupied Kashmir
ISLAMABAD, Feb 19 (APP):Prominent Hurriyat leader and Vice Chairman Jammu Kashmir National Front (JKNF) has demanded an independent and international probe into mass-rape incidents committed by the Indian occupation forces in the Indian-held territory of Jammu Kashmir.
In a statement issued here on Monday, Wani said that the occupation forces deployed in the restive region have been involved in heinous crimes.
Use and abuse of power, harassment and humiliation and sexual abuse, he said, were among the dirtiest war tactics the Indian army has been using to suppress Kashmiris’ legitimate struggle for the right to self-determination.
He said that being a vulnerable segment of society, the Kashmiri women have been the worst victims of Indian belligerence.
Referring to the dreadful incident of Kunan and Poshpora mass rape, the Hurriyat leader said that the horrific incident was a big blot on the face of Indian democracy and the state that has been using rape as a weapon of war against Kashmiris.
Highlighting the pain and agony of the rape victims, he said that it was disgusting to see that the Indian rulers and their henchmen in the territory have shamelessly tired to cover up and conceal the facts to save the bloody culprits who were directly involved in this beastly act.
“The brutality Kashmiri women were subjected to on the dreadful night of 23 February 1991 finds no place in human history”, he said, adding that despite the passage of 33 years, justice continues to elude the victims.
Urging world human rights organizations to play their role, Wani said it was high time that culprits involved in this gruesome act should be held accountable.
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