BAGH, Jun 17 (APP): Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Chaudhry Barjees Tahir Friday said voting for Pakistan Muslim League(N) in upcoming elections would change destiny of Azad
Kashmir as the party planned to undertake massive development
projects in the region.

Speaking to a gathering of Pakistan Muslim League(N) workers
and supporters here, he said PML(N) achieved victory in Gilgit
Baltistan with the vision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and efforts
of party workers.

He said he was seeing same kind of passion among the workers
and PML-N would emerge victorious in the elections of AJK
legislative assembly on July 21.

He said system would be changed with the power of the vote
and PML-N would start a new phase of prosperity in AJK after the

Barjees assured that the PML-N leadership would resolve
problems of people, adding people could not be kept backward for a
long time.

Earlier speaking to party workers in Dhirkot, the minister
said AJK Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed was not right in
saying that federal ministers were interfering in elections.

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“We do not come for interference but to let the people
get rid of the PPP government in AJK. We are workers of Nawaz Sharif
and come to improve the system.”

He said Kashmir was a land of martyrs and ‘ghazis’ and its
people were not for sale, while Chaudhry Abdul Majeed was selling

“We do not make false announcements while Abdul Majeed did
empty talk in Baloch bye-election as he announced building of
schools, colleges and roads but nothing happened.”

He said the announcements of Nawaz Sharif were implemented as
Changi Gala Road was being built at a cost of Rs 800 million and
passport office was also being set up.

The minister said in the next five years, Rs 50 billion would
be spent on construction of roads in Kashmir. A trauma center would
be built in every district and district headquarters hospitals would
be upgraded.

Rs 100 billion had been allocated for projects like Neelum
Jhelum power project in Kashmir, he added.

The PML-N intended massive allocations for Azad Kashmir
projects, he said adding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wished to
launch projects of motorways and expressways in the area.
He urged people to bring PML-N to power in AJK for undertaking
all these projects. “We have launched CPEC with the cooperation of

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Barjees said there were two groups in Kashmir, one is led by
Nawaz Sharif which wanted progress in Kashmir and the other wanted
to keep people in dark.

He said Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) AJK had dismissed
people with fake degrees because of which Chaudhry Abdul Majeed was
raising hue and cry.

He said the upcoming elections would be held fairly and there would be no rigging as the BISP funds and fake ID cards would not be

He said Chaudhry Abdul Majeed had demanded that elections should be held under supervision of army. “We are in favour of it and we also asked for Rangers in the Baloch bye-election.”

When the voting would be fair then the institutions of AJK would also work properly, he added.