Video footages, confessions expose so-called Baloch missing persons fighting against Pak Army

ISLAMABAD, Jul 21 (APP): The video footages and the confession by an arrested terrorist reveal that many of the so-called missing persons from Balochistan were in fact fighting against the Pakistan Army under the patronage of banned outfit Baloch Liberation Army.

Following the abduction of a civilian along with his cousin Lt Col Laiq Baig Mirza, the security forces launched a recovery operation in Ziarat. Lt Col Mirza was martyred by the terrorists as they were fleeing from security forces.

Five terrorists belonging to the banned Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) were killed during heavy exchange of fire including those who were being claimed to have been missing.

A video footage, reportedly released by the BLA sometime back, revealed that the Baloch individuals who were being propagated as missing persons were shown fighting against and killing the security personnel in the province.

Saleem Baloch, son of Karim Bakhsh, was one of such militants who had joined the BLA to target the security forces, while his family had declared him a missing person.

In such a video, Saleem Baloch is clearly visible carrying weapons and opening fires at the security personnel.

The video clip also shows the grave of another terrorist covered by the BLA flag.

In another footage, a conversation between the terrorists including Saleem Baloch is audible with an unknown person giving direction to his accomplices including one namely Bisham during an attack on security forces.

The unnamed individual asks Bisham to stop for half an hour who questioned whether he was being filmed. Meanwhile, the anonymous person also instructs the terrorists to keep on firing and killing without marching forward.

Amid heavy firing, the unknown individual also questions the whereabouts of an accomplice Kookal while asking another namely Noor to be careful and keep on firing.

Saleem Baloch, who was later killed in an operation, is also seen in different images holding the weapon snatched from the security personnel. Some other images also show the grave of another terrorist Shehzad Baloch covered by the BLA flag.

Farzana Shah, a senior journalist tweeted that another terrorist Shehza, also killed in Ziarat operation was inducted in intelligence squad of BLA and had been tracking the movement of Col Liaq for the last two months.

Despite knowing his whereabouts, Shehzad’s family declared that he was missing. Shehzad was responsible for taking Col. Laiq to a safe place but he failed to accomplish the mission owing to timely military operation.

In another video, a terrorist Ghaus Bakhsh, who was arrested during an operation, narrated as how he joined the BLA and was trained by Mullah Amin in nine months before being assigned to target FC check post.

He claimed that during over two hours firing, 12 FC personnel were martyred and three of his accomplices were killed.