ISLAMABAD, Oct 30 (APP): Minister of State for Capital
Administration and Development Division (CA&DD), Barrister Usman
Ibrahim on Friday reiterated that education should be provided at
affordable fees to facilitate maximum students.
The minister of state during visit to Pak-Turk school situated
in H-8 said that private educational institutions are contributing a
lot in the education sector and Pak-Turk school is also doing a
wonderful job.
He said the private and government sector have
same goal as far as education is concerned, therefore they should
work as partners.
The Managing Director Pak-Turk Educational Foundation, Fesih
Celik and Director Development and Planning, Turgut Puyan welcomed
the minister and visited the classrooms, science labs and fine arts
facilities. Usman Ibrahim appreciated the environment and quality of
education that Pak-Turk school offers to its students.
He also praised the fact that students from all income
brackets can get quality education in Pak-Turk schools which is
possible through scholarship awarded to the students from lower
income class.
Briefing the Minister about Pak-Turk Foundation Fesih Celik
said that the Foundation is operating in Pakistan since 30 years and
has established its schools in all the provinces of the country.
“We want to enlighten the young minds through education,” he
added.Additional Secretary Qasier Majeed, Chairman PEIRA, Syed
Junaid Ikhlaq accompanied the minister.